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A Property Dispute

There are occasions when it all neatly falls into place.

Where you don't need words to tell a story, to paint a picture, to spin a yarn.

I was at Hornoya and I asked Bjarne, if the puffins had already started nesting. I knew they would soon be in cosy burrows on the island, I just wasn't sure if it was too early in the season for them to do that.

It so happened that yes, it was a little early in the season but Bjarne found from a couple of filmmakers that a few pairs firmly believed in the old fashioned value of time and had decided not to tarry. He pointed out a spot to me in front of one such burrow and I spent a good hour or so, rooted there, observing the excited pair ( yeah, I know the age old tendency to anthropomorphise, but do indulge me, this once ).

The story was happening right in front of me. Unfolding in slow, deliberate steps.

Nett words are needed today.

" Does this look like a home that would suit us, my dear ? "

" Its perfect !! Spacious yet cosy, just right for bringing up our kids !"

But...soon, trouble arrives in Paradise! Someone is eyeing THEIR home !

The hearth MUST be defended !! The partner looks heavenwards for divine help

The attacker is pushed out, stunned by the ferocity of the counter attack, he loses his footing !

Clearly, our hero/heroine has the upper hand now !

But the attacker recovers !

Not for long, though

Scram ! Vanish, never to return again !!!

And the proud couple pose after a valiant defense.

And that's that.

By the way, images 7 and 8 are from another sequence but it sort of added to the story here so I added them :)

Cheers !



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Jun 03, 2023

Loved the story! It’s hilarious and made my day.

Jul 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much :)...its real fun to spend hours with these birds. They go about their lives, ignoring them and there are such a lot of funny interactions going on. Sorry for the real delay in responding :(

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