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Bharatpur's magical sunsets

It doesn’t happen suddenly.


It also doesn’t happen at the same time.


You first notice it in the waters. One moment they are contemplative and the next they appear to be blessed with a new life. Gone is the deep reticence. The sun flirts with it. Outrageously. It dances with twinkling eyes. There is a spark , an energy that was missing till now.

The prep for the end game has begun.


Gradually, you sense the initial passion calming down to a more mellow mood. The colours of the water reduce its intensity from a burning yellow to a mellow orange. Even the reflection of the trees appear to be less boisterous, a little older, a tad calmer.


The mood becomes quieter, reflective.


If you look upwards, you see the sun, a distinct yellow ball, generously shedding its colours all around it. It knows the journey is ending and you see that natural tendency to speed up when you know that the destination is near.


The birds also get the message. They are all returning to their homes. All of  a sudden, leafless trees look as if they have they have been blessed with a new cover.


The sun has disappeared.


A bird takes off from its day time perch. I guess, there always is that one truant boy who will stay out playing as late as possible.


Another day has come to an end at Bharatpur.

It starts rather demurely, a twinkle here and a twinkle there...

...and soon breaks into a thousand dazzling stars

Even the reflections on the waters seem a bit weary

And then the birds start returning for the night

The last one takes off...for home...

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Lovely clicks !

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Thank you Ajay...glad they connected :)

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