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Masai Mara’s gentle tug at your heart

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

“Mara ? Again ? ”

How does one explain ?

Of course, no two visits to the wild anywhere in the world can be the same. Conditions will be different. The impact light, rain or, an overcast sky, can have on photography is huge. Second, the animal behavior . The drama, the action that you will see will always be different.

However, what draws me to Masai Mara is something else. More than the hunts, the playful cubs, the aggressive males, the watchful mothers, the behavior of prides or coalitions or herds.

Its’ the wide open vistas.

Its’ the clear blue skies mixed with the thick, white clouds rumbling up, contrasting with the light green of the grass below.

Its’ the intense drama that gets created when angry clouds get into an argument with a defiant sun.

Its’ the magnificence of the spectacle of colour and darkness that sunsets and sunrises conjure up.

Its’ the insignificance of the main characters of this drama in their stage, as the hills roll thoughtfully right up to the horizon.

This, I think, how the world was conceived and how it was meant to be. Man and his impact seem far away.

Words might not do sufficient justice, lets see if the camera can.

How can you not fall in love with this place ?

Where the chilly, foggy mornings watch a lethargic sun nudge a dark night out of the picture.

Wide open vistas, blue skies, a few clouds...all these in itself are irresistible, throw in some magnificent animals, and its a heady mix.

Where the mighty lion looks insignificant in the wide expanse of land and sky

Where there are days when raging clouds fight a spectacular battle with the defiant sun. Even the King stands and watches in awe.

Where the reluctant sun is dragged, kicking and screaming from the day, but is determined to leave a lasting impact

And where the moon is never far behind in creating its own drama

Tell me can you not fall in love with the place ?

Does any place call you in a similar way ? Do let me know !

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